Lotus Law Group is a boutique law firm focused and committed to individuals and families. We do not represent large corporations, thus, not bugged down with large clients and are able to provide personal services. Whether it is an immigration matter, a family law, or a business problem we will be with you with every step. It is our compassionate and cost-effective approach that is the hallmark of our firm. Get in touch with us for an initial consultation to hire your individual, your business, or your family attorney.

IMMIGRATION: Whether immigration office, US Consulate, or US Customs at the border your immigration lawyer will attend with you all interviews and will assist you to an easy entry into the USA. Your immigration attorney will work with you to find ways for you to immigrate to the USA. Your immigration lawyer will find alternative ways to achieve your goals. Your immigration lawyer will handle your immigration case as if it is his own: with passion, ownership, and dedication beyond the call of duty.

We practice immigration in the entire USA and in any State that you wish.